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At Nottinghill we believe that learning is best done through play. Our goal is to meet every child’s individual needs by being sensitive to each child’s personality and growth development. Children have the opportunity to learn through play with a variety of play areas to support learning, complimented by our daily circle time. Our play-based approach to learning will engage and excite your kindergartner as they prepare for full-day school.

Our half-day JK/SK program is a great alternative to full-day kindergarten, and offers a rich curriculum built on literacy, math, science, and basic french. Classes run from September to June.

Please note: Class size is subject to change, based on Ministry guidelines.

Our JK/SK program offers a rich curriculum. This includes:

Explode the Code

This fun pre-literacy workbook series teaches the 21 consonants, and their sounds as well as letter formation through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities. Nottinghill students will:

  • Practice fine-motor skills and letter formation through tracing and writing consonants
  • Learn through visual activities
  • Use matching exercises to develop visual discrimination and letter recognition
  • Reinforce letter recognition through the use of capital and lowercase letters
Reading Program

Readers (books) are practiced at school and sent home every week for further practice. Each week students receive a new one to learn and master.

Math and Science

Nottinghill students are regularly exposed to math and science concepts. During the school year the children will be exposed to math concepts such as measurement, time, patterning and shapes. Nottinghill’s science units allow students to explore problems, estimations, and science experiments and activities.

Introduction to French

Children are exposed to basic French concepts such as colours, numbers and days of the week.

Music and Art

A variety of art and music activities are incorporated into day-to-day learning.

Weekly Journaling

Weekly journaling allows children to express themselves through drawing pictures and simple writing.

We value communication between Nottinghill staff and parents and have put in place a number of communication channels:

E-mail | Newsletter | Monthly Calendars | Website | Social Media | Private Facebook Group


Nottinghill enhances its programs by offering outside programming such as multi-sport, yoga, music and field trips.

Extracurriculars vary year-on-year and will be confirmed at the start of the school year.


  • We proudly foster a strong community atmosphere amongst our families as we work together to maintain and grow our school
  • All parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s preschool experience
  • Each family is assigned responsibilities pertaining to management and maintenance of Nottinghill. See Parent Handbook for more information
  • Throughout the school year, the Nottinghill community hosts a variety of activities and events in the classroom, like holiday concerts, Mother’s day tea party and graduation concerts. We also host events after school for our Nottinghill families like our very popular movie night. See Events for a full list of current events
  • Volunteering in the classroom is also an excellent way to connect with your child and the Nottinghill community

Volunteering in the classroom is optional but encouraged

JK/SK Class


JK: Age 4 on Dec 31st
SK: Age 5 on Dec 31st




Class Size

16 Children


Mon – Fri


12:30 – 3:30 PM (In-class)

Fees (2024/2025)


Key Learning Areas

What skills will my child develop?
Math and Science

Language and Literacy

Social Skills

Self Help Skills

Cognitive Learning

Gross and Fine Motor

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