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John B.
Google Review

My wife and I have been extremely happy with all aspects of Nottinghill Preschool. The teachers are incredible with all the children and treat them with fairness and compassion. We have witnessed tremendous growth in our first child’s social, intellectual, and creative skills since attending the school. We could not be more pleased with our decision to enroll our child here and plan to have our second child attend the school as well.

Kelly G.
Facebook Review

I don’t even know where to start with how much I love this school!!!! It is absolutely hands down the best place to enroll your child! My son just started this year and he is in the preschool program with Miss Clara , the insane amount of knowledge this child has already been taught is out of this world!! He teaches me things and he’s just about to turn 4! If I could keep him there forever I would !!! If there’s a doubt in your mind please read this and change that doubt into no doubt !!!!

Kate K.
Google Review

We are in our 4th consecutive year at Nottinghill, and I can’t say enough great things about the school. The teachers are wonderful, always warm and inviting. The days are very scheduled, with snack time, potty breaks, play time and circle time at the same times so the kids get a sense of routine. My kids have gotten a great introduction to school and socialization. Nottinghill is a wonderful community, and I’m glad to be a part of it!

Stephanie D.
Facebook Review

I am so grateful for the supportive and inclusive environment Nottinghill provided for my son. The half day JK/SK program was perfectly suited to his needs and ensured he was well-prepared for full day Grade 1 in a public school. I can’t say enough about the wonderful teaching staff and all they did for my son. Now that my younger children are attending the school, I continue to appreciate all that Nottinghill has to offer. My kids and I are really enjoying the new lunch program as well.

Ann M.
Google Review

It is a wonderful place for kids to learn. My son found the full day SK too long so we transferred him to Nottinghill. He is quite shy and the teachers have been so patient and kind with him. He has learnt tons and has many great opportunities such as DASH sports and visitors to the class. We love that he is learning to read and to speak a little French as well. I am so glad that he is experiencing SK there.

Jennifer K.
Facebook Review

I can’t say enough about this school. The teachers are dedicated, caring people who go above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure the children are learning and having fun! I know when I drop my daughter off she is in excellent caring hands. When I pick her up she beams with excitement telling me all about her morning. I feel blessed to part of the Nottinghill family.

Nicole R.
Facebook Review

Nottinghill is an excellent preschool. My son has attended for two years and absolutely loves going to school everyday. He has learned a lot from his kind and nurturing teachers and has made many new friends. They offer fantastic programs in addition to the school program, such as Kindermusic and Dash Sports and the students have access to a gym and outdoor play. I highly recommend Nottinghill!

Nathaniel F.
Facebook Review

Both our kids attend this school and we love the style of learning. Everyday both our girls come home with smiles on their faces and let us know what has happened during the day and the friends they played with. It has greatly helped out 5 year old prepare for Grade 1 next year. With the new Senior Kindergarden at Nottinghill we have been able to prepare them for entry into the public school system and are confident that they will be at the same level as the other students or ahead. While still allowing kids to be kids. The teachers are top notch with enthusiasm for their students that is hard to beat.

Stacey D.
Facebook Review

My three year old began attending Nottinghill last fall in the 3AM class and loves it! From her perspective, the teachers are warm and caring, she has enjoyed making friends and looks forward to going to school each day. From my perspective, it has been great to see her learning and social skills grow. It has been the perfect preparation for her as she readies for Kindergarten in September.

Marinka P.
Facebook Review

I have had two of my children enrolled at Nottinghill Gate and I am very pleased with the quality of programming and teaching. The teachers are caring, playful, and full of enthusiasm! Both my children have had a very positive experience at this school.

Samantha H.
Facebook Review

I can only say good things about Nottinghill Co-op Preschool. It is a warm and caring community that I am proud to be a part of. The teachers provide a loving and safe learning environment for the children. Both my children enjoy going to their classes and have so much fun while learning! Highly recommended.

K K.
Facebook Review

I highly recommend this well-seasoned school with substance! The community of parents is incredibly supportive and show a lot of pride and care. True Co-op spirit!
The teachers are top notch. They are devoted to the students and are successful in getting them engaged and genuinely enjoy learning. My JK is already reading and knows her colours in French (thanks to Nottinghill), but most importantly, LOVES her school 
A great foundation for when they eventually go into Grade 1!

Meghan O.
Facebook Review

Nottinghill is a wonderful preschool! The teachers are caring, fun, knowledgeable and provide first class programming. My daughter has had a fantastic experience at Nottinghill this year.

Jessica B.
Facebook Review

Nottinghill is great! The teachers truly care about each and every one of the students. The small student/teacher ratios are ideal for maximum learning. My son loves going to school, and I’m so happy we chose Nottinghill.

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