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Nottinghill Co-operative Preschool

A positive learning environment for children

About Us

Established in 1961, Nottinghill is Oakville’s first co-operative preschool. We are a non-profit corporation owned and operated by our members. Our philosophy encourages all parents and guardians to be involved in their child’s preschool experience, creating a community atmosphere. We are a progressive school that offers programming for children from age 2 through Senior Kindergarten.

Our Mission and Objectives

Nottinghill’s mission is to create a positive learning environment for children by offering an affordable, accessible and accountable preschool that promotes the social, emotional intellectual and physical needs of the child in a nurturing setting.

Preschool is a place where a child is busy, safe and happy. Our main objective is to guide children toward a positive outlook on education and socialization, while helping to build self-esteem. We strive to give our preschoolers motivation and confidence.

Teaching Philosophy

Ensuring that our children feel good about themselves in the preschool environment is essential groundwork for a lifetime of learning!

Based on research and years of practice, our Early Childhood Educators believe that for young children, learning must be directly relevant to their lives. Play is meaningful because it actively involves the child. Our teachers have a favourite quote on their belief in play in the realm of learning.

Tell me and I’ll forget; Show me, I might remember; Involve me and I’ll understand

Using a hands-on approach, our Early Childhood Educators provide direction and encouragement in a learning-through-play program.

What will you find at Nottinghill?
  • Bright, spacious and well-equipped classrooms
  • Ministry-approved playground area and equipment
  • Gym facilities for extra curricular programs
  • Creative and well-organized curriculum with monthly themes and STEM programming
  • Caring, professional and experienced teaching staff
  • A preschool integration program for children with special needs
  • Toilet training is not required

Our Classrooms

We offer bright, spacious and well-organized classroom facilities and a playground area to foster our children’s zest for learning. The classroom centres are ever-changing according to the fun and interesting monthly themes and curriculum carefully planned by our staff.

Creative Arts Centre

A vehicle for exploration and creative expression. Raw materials encourage the child’s imaginative use of graphic art products. We focus on the process, not the product.


Used to judge distance, space and physical relationships; to create scenes for dramatic play; to develop eye-hand coordination and small muscle skills; and to compare, sort and describe.

Dramatic Play

Social play provides for spontaneous interaction and sharing. Encouraging role play helps to clarify ideas, work out emotions and replay real life situations.

Language Centre

A combination of books and comfort lays a firm foundation for an introduction to reading.

Maths Centre

Develops an awareness of numerical relationships and gives the child experience with numbers, from naming to understanding and sequencing them. This centre encourages identifying and creating shapes.

Science / Discovery

Helps students understand and clarify concepts, to expand language and to learn the needs and care of living things (e.g. plants).

Sensory Area

Provides a chance to taste, smell, hear and touch and discriminate between things that appear the same as children depend on and enjoy using all of their senses.

Snack Time

Used as a learning opportunity, encouraging the exploration of new food and teaching the importance of nutrition and manners.

Fine Motor

Activities using tweezers and scissors, as well as lacing and peg work enhance and refine small muscles in the hands – a pre-writing priority.

Music Area

Allows for independent exploration of instruments. Children often sing and dance to their own creations, using instruments from around the world.

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