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About Me

I have had many roles in my life and career but none have been as personally challenging and fulfilling as the one that comes with the title Mom.  After 20 years of work experience, with most of that time dedicated to the health charity sector, we decided we would focus our time on family.  I love reading and doing artwork with my children. Baking and cooking are a fun way to teach them about healthy eating habits and when I have a moment to myself, I love the energy that comes with running.

What I love about Nottinghill

My husband and I took a lot of time to research the preschool options in Oakville and Nottinghill checked off a lot of boxes for us. The teachers are amazing, the teaching approach is planned and playful, the care for the individual child is real, the classrooms are well resourced and the outdoor play is a safe and fun. As an added bonus, over the last five years we have not only met new playmates for our children but made family friends!  The Nottinghill community is a pretty special group of people and we feel fortunate to belong to it.