Miss Madison

RECE Lead Teacher | Assistant Teacher | Float Teacher

Miss Madison is a graduate of the Early Childhood Education program from Sheridan College, where she graduated with honours.

Her admiration for the early childhood education profession evolved through field placements, influential educators and mentors that she had encountered from childhood to adulthood, as well as her work and volunteer experiences within the field. Additionally, her cousin and eldest sister had pursued their own journeys towards becoming early childhood educators, which gave great insight into this incredible profession.

She envisions children as eager, curious, creative, and competent learners who deserve rich, challenging experiences to develop to their fullest potential. Their wonder, curiosity, authenticity, and motivation are all qualities in which she values and reciprocates within the environment.

She strives towards building an environment that is prosocial, responsive, secure, nurturing and inclusive to all children. A space that will encourage and allow every child to feel comfortable, and valued, that supports their developing independence, self-concept and freedom of self-expression.

She is thrilled to be joining the Nottinghill teaching team and family!