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Tour Our Classrooms

At Nottinghill Co-operative Preschool, we offer bright, spacious and well-organized classroom facilities and a playground area to foster our children’s zest for learning. The classroom centres are ever-changing according to the fun and interesting monthly themes and curriculum carefully planned by our staff.

In each classroom you will find centres and activities such as:

  • Creative Art Centre: a vehicle for exploration and creative expression. Raw materials encourage the child’s imaginative use of graphic art products. We focus on the process, not the product.
  • Blocks: are used to judge distance, space and physical relationships; to create scenes for dramatic play; to develop eye-hand coordination and small muscle skills; and to compare, sort and describe.
  • Dramatic Play: social play provides for spontaneous interaction and sharing. Encouraging role play helps to clarify ideas, work out emotions and replay real life situations.
  • Language Centre: the combination of books and comfort lays a firm foundation for an introduction to reading.
  • Math Centre: develops an awareness of numerical relationships and gives the child experience with numbers, from naming to understanding and sequencing them. This centre encourages identifying and creating shapes.
  • Science/Discovery: helps students understand and clarify concepts, to expand language and to learn the needs and care of living things (e.g. plants).
  • Sensory Area: provides a chance to taste, smell, hear and touch and discriminate between things that appear the same as children depend on and enjoy using all of their senses.
  • Snack-Time: used as a learning opportunity, encouraging the exploration of new food and teaching the importance of nutrition and manners.
  • Fine Motor: activities using tweezers and scissors, as well as lacing and peg work enhance and refine small muscles in the hands – a pre-writing priority.
  • Music Area: allows for independent exploration of instruments. Children often sing and dance to their own creations, using instruments from around the world


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