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JK/SK Program

At Nottinghill our goal is to meet every child’s individual needs by being sensitive to each child’s personality and growth development. The children have the opportunity to learn through play with a variety of play areas to support learning.

Nottinghill has two spacious classrooms – the creative classroom and the dramatic classroom. Each day the children have an opportunity to spend time in both of these classrooms as well as on Nottinghill’s outdoor playground. These varied environments provide the children with space to explore fine and gross motor skills through the use of sand and water tables, craft centres, cozy readings centres, educational toys and puzzles as well as the outdoor climber.

Look what our JK/SK Program will provide for your child:

Explode the Code: This fun pre-literacy workbook series teaches the 21 consonants, and their sounds as well as letter formation through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities. Nottinghill students will:

  • practice fine-motor skills and letter formation through tracing and writing consonants;
  • learn through visual activities;
  • use matching exercises to develop visual discrimination and letter recognition; and
  • reinforce letter recognition through the use of capital and lowercase letters.

Math and Science: Nottinghill students are regularly exposed to math and science concepts. During the school year the children will be exposed to math concepts such as measurement, time, patterning and shapes. Nottinghill’s science units allow students to explore problems, estimations, and science experiments and activities.

Introduction to French: Children are exposed to basic french concepts such as colours, numbers and days of the week.

Parent Communication: Nottinghill’s teachers encourage parent communication and use tools such as monthly calendars, newsletters and the Remind Application. Through the Remind Application teachers are able to send photos, reminders and updates throughout the school year.

Ratio: Nottinghill provides a low student to teacher ratio. Classes have one lead RECE and one qualified staff to ensure students have the opportunity to work at their own level. Your child will be surrounded in a nurturing environment provided by qualified staff with many years of experience teaching JK/SK. The class size will not exceed 16 children with 2 qualified staff. There is no duty parent participation requirement but parents are always welcome to volunteer in our classrooms!

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